About Suburban Space

At Suburban Space it’s no accident that we do things a little differently.  In fact it’s very deliberate.

Suburban Space is an intentionally small business, believing in quality over quantity. We believe in enjoying what we do, and keeping it personal.

We choose boutique over large-scale. It allows us to value the unique and appreciate the individual.  This works for us, and it works for you too, because it means we can be flexible, creative and available. We don’t do mass produced… or one-size-fits-all.  We do what’s exactly right for you.

We are hands-on, switched-on and passionate.  Whether it’s a bathroom make over or a full extension, when you choose Suburban Space, you are working with a small specialist team. And, importantly, our eye for detail and strong conviction for quality workmanship are our greatest strengths.  

Our services include all aspects of property renovation, building, advice on obtaining planning permissions and design in negotiation with councils, through to finished styling and interior design.  

Put simply, we do things personally by choice. We keep things small because it allows us to become well acquainted with our work, and the people we work with. It is a more intimate way of doing what we are good at.

Contact Us

M • 0416 201 529